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Un cuisinier à la campagne

Agathe and Benjamin TOURSEL

The restaurant

We wanted to make this beautiful inn a simple place to live and share.
I have the definite feeling that I need this freedom, to be in harmony with the cook that I am: sensitive, true and deeply rooted in my land.

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Agathe & Benjamin Toursel

Settling in Moirax was a conscious but obvious choice.
We always wanted to move to the countryside so that we could build our professional life there in symbiosis with our family life.

The Menu

A cook in the countryside... that is what I am today. I immerse myself in this nature which brings me closer to the men and women who work it. This infinite source allows me to make a spontaneous, lively and sharp cuisine.

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"The hilly horizon, the hills, the light, the abundant and generous nature allow us to escape, to recharge our batteries.